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The smartest way to manage your data

Get business and compliance done in real time
Our Story

HONOR is born of the desire to help all parties optimize athlete data for all purposes. Athletes invest a lot in their performance. Stakeholders invest a lot in athlete data. We help you protect and grow your investment.

Our Vision

We help you get business and compliance done in real time. Increase your revenue and decrease your risk. Manage your data and data rights via compliant, frictionless transactions.

Build athlete and stakeholder trust.


HONOR’s innovative, award-winning technology provides a solution that is decentralized, autonomous, secure, and highly transactional. This allows you to build trust, create a viable data commodity, reduce risk, and optimize commercial opportunities.

Who are we

How it works



Athlete data is collected from athletes to improve performance and for fan engagement and other business opportunities. Collection and use of athlete data poses challenges to trust, privacy, security, and more. Resolve these challenges with HONOR's comprehensive automated solution.



HONOR's solution allows you to perform functions that have been cumbersome and even impossible in the past. Leveraging innovative technology, you can perform compliance and commercialization functions in a fraction of the time.

How it works
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